What if a world of joy and peace is just under your nose? Will you dare to take the first step in? Freediving is the art of diving under a single breath. It’s a way of living, a way of breathing and a way to become one with the ocean, with the marine life and with ourselves.

Our breathing techniques were developed by Apnea Total in Thailand. 9 years of sharing the teaching with thousands of students proves great results in relaxations and comfortable diving on a single breath.

As the first freediving school in Panama, Freediving Bocas is offering a variety of courses that are designed to provide you with a deeper underwater experience.

Freediver course: By learning different diving techniques, safety procedures and special breathing methods you will be able to start embracing the world of freediving to your life. During these two days we will enjoy comfortable diving up to 20 meters and will dedicate the time to improve each individual as a freediver. Course price $160

Advanced freediver course: This course is designed for those of you who wish to go deeper into the blue and themselves. In these three days you will learn advanced breathing techniques, training programs and physiology. With diving up to 40 meters and static apnea breath hold of 3 minutes and more you will enter a whole new chapter in your freediving experience. Course price $210

Static for surfers: Did you ever dreamed of surfing bigger waves? In a one day course, with our breath holding techniques you will be able to learn how to hold your breath for 3 minutes and more. During this day you will learn about physiology, breathing and you will gain the confident to handle big wave surfing. Course price $60


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