We love Bocas!


Sorry, we are out sailing the Caribbean Sea! Our School is closed at the moment, no more freediving in Bocas!

It has been a lot of fun for the last 3 years and we thank all the students that signed up for the challenge but we have other plans for ourselves.

If you are interested in buying our School (name, domain, webs, trip advisor, facebook and some equipment) please contact us at: benhead3@gmail.com. We have a very attractive price and a lot of wisdom collected to share.

Hope to see you again in some other place in the world!

Much love, Ben!

MAY 2015

Sometimes we get people that are very sporty and competitive, and for them is all about going as deep as they can. For others, “deep” has a more personal meaning, a lot less physical, and has to do with challenging their own mind and overcoming great fears. They are, indeed, a huge challenge but also very rewarding when we see them pushing their limits and reaching further than they even thought they could.

Camille and Mark came to try freediving, Mark was more into it, Camille was frightened to deep water and she was even allergic to cold water (is this even possible?) and the rest of the story you can read it here:


We salute you for your courage Camille! And thanks for your lovely words and sharing your story with others.



MARCH 2015


After 2 days of freediving in the beautiful water of Bocas del Toro, 2 more certified freedivers arrived to 20 meters with a smile. Here is one of them.

Congratulations Jeremias!



For more information about freediving in Bocas del Toro or our Freediving sailing retreats contact us: info@freedivingbocas.com